The Business Mind | Meditation – the salesperson’s secret weapon – A Case Study
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Meditation – the salesperson’s secret weapon – A Case Study

Tanya Halil – Sales Representative – Cracka Wines

TBM: How would you describe your sales performance before learning Vedic Meditation with Matt

Tanya: Not overly good! I was at the bottom of the sales board of 20-25 people at the time. Not necessarily rock bottom every day but I was generally around the bottom end of the table. Once I did Vedic Meditation, I think it was my first week – it was either my first week or second week – my sales shot up. I remember my manager at the time – he didn’t know what I’d done – he said “whatever you’re doing that’s different keep doing” because my sales had obviously improved. I went from bottom to medium. Now I’m at the top of the team.

TBM: Ok so why do you think that happened? You’d learned meditation, but how was that effecting your approach?

Tanya: After I learned to meditate I think what it was that things didn’t get to me so much. I didn’t let that person who didn’t buy off me knock my confidence like I used to. I just go onto the next call. I don’t know if I was more open but I just started getting the sales. Even the woman who worked next to me asked me what I was doing because she was getting no sales and I was literally getting twenty sales off the same list.

TBM: Did the customers seem different in the way they responded to you

Tanya: Yes they just seemed so open and interested, whereas sometimes everyone can just say no, and after two or three ‘no’s’ you’re just like “I can’t do this!”. But now they were just buying off me. It was amazing.

TBM: So you obviously realised it was the meditation that was helping you but did you make that connection straight away?

Tanya: I just thought it’s got to be the meditation because that’s the only thing that I’d changed, that I was doing differently. I hadn’t had any extra sales training or anything like that. It wasn’t like everyone was doing better – it was just me.

TBM: How long ago was it that you learned Vedic Meditation with Matt?

Tanya: About a year ago. I’ve been meditating for a year.

TBM: Ok and have your sales continued to grow over the year or did they plateau?

Tanya: They continued to grow. They’ve just kept going up. A few months ago they looked at my sales in a graph from when I started working here and there’s an obvious spike from when I learned to meditate, but you can see it carries on going up. They actually told me the other day that I’m now officially the highest grossing sales person they’ve had since they started in 2007.

TBM: What’s been the most significant benefit of learning to meditate with Matt?

Tanya: You mean apart from the sales haha? Obviously just feeling happier, enjoying life, enjoying work, not so angry! My temper is a lot better!

TBM: Do you ever do meditation at work?

Tanya: Yes I go to meditate in the park at about 2 or 3pm.

TBM: Does a mid-afternoon meditation like that help?

Tanya: Yeah it lifts me up a bit. I just feel less tired. You can get so tired – especially in the afternoon – and think “Oh I can’t be bothered”. So if the weather’s good I’ll go and meditate on a bench in a park and then come back ready to go again. There’s a definite pattern. My sales will be slowing down for the day, I’ll go and meditate and then I’ll come back and do a six or seven hundred dollar sale pretty much straight away. It’s just like ‘how did that happen??’…I’d been struggling for over an hour then I meditate and it’s easy again.

TBM: If we dig a bit deeper, do you think you can explain why meditation is having such a transformative effect on your sales performance? I know you said it’s makes you better at handling rejection, but is there anything else that it does that you’ve noticed?

Tanya: I think the thing is in sales you can get really desperate and then you can sound desperate. The customer hears this in your voice and it makes them close up and not want to buy from you. This might sound weird but it’s like I don’t feel like I need the sale in the same way. I’m still just as driven – probably more than ever – but when I’m on the call I’m more relaxed. I don’t feel desperate or needy. So the customer seems to relax too and become more open to buying something.

TBM: Have you found any changes in your lifestyle choices since you learned meditate?

Tanya: Well yeah my drinking has gone right down – which is a bit ironic as I sell wine! I still like wine but I’ve really lost interest in getting drunk. We have cheese and wine nights on Fridays and I leave a lot earlier these days! It’s not something I’ve tried to make happen, it’s just happened automatically since I started meditating. And I was smoking a bit before I started meditating and now I don’t smoke any more.

TBM: Thanks for chatting Tanya.