The Business Mind | Expert Guide on Basic Format of an Essay writers’ block
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Expert Guide on Basic Format of an Essay writers’ block

Why Is Essay Writing Essential?

Writing an essay is a process that involves reading through what someone has written to identify the gaps in knowledge. Therefore, you must gather your thoughts and ideas and create a coherent narrative for your writing. It requires honed research and writing skills to produce quality essays.

However, even excellent writers find it challenging to express their thoughts understandably. Every writer must try to deliver their ideas authentically. Citing each source helps to maintain the originality of the paper. It also helps to highlight the main points for your essays. So, what are the steps to learning basic format of an essay?


The first paragraph of your essay should begin with a statement about the topic. It consists of a sentence that announces the topic. After that, it should explain why you decided to write about the topic. Again, it should contain essay writer a thesis statement. The rest of the paragraphs will support your main idea by providing other necessary details.


The body section contains several paragraphs that support your thesis statement. It might be a paper writer collection of diverse thoughts that offer a lot of depth to your essay. Ensure that each section is detailed and coherent. The points should be presented in a paragraph format for clarity. Do not forget to cite your sources in the references/bibliography section. The formatting style to use should also be observed.


The conclusion summarizes the main points discussed in the body paragraph. It provides a call to action for the reader. Every paragraph should end with a transitional sentence that leads to another. The conclusion part should not introduce new ideas but restate the thesis statement and usher in the next paragraph. It is advisable to finish writing your essay by summarizing the key points and restating the thesis statement.


The design of your reference should be creative. Ensure that you include all the sources cited in the essay. The citation should follow the typical structure, including the name of the author, year of publication, and the page number. You may also need to indicate the page number from the source after the closing quotation.


The sections to include in your body section are detailed and clear. The first paragraph should introduce your topic. It is a unifying statement that offers room for further reading. A good conclusion helps you to narrow your focus onto a specific subject. It shows the uniqueness of your article compared to other writings.

What are the additional views that you have regarding the topic? The introductory paragraph requests readers to get more information from the subject. It further supports your thesis statement by giving further details on the topic.