The Business Mind | Beyond Wellness – the commercial benefits of corporate meditation
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Beyond Wellness – the commercial benefits of corporate meditation

Many businesses view corporate meditation as a means of risk-avoidance: a preventative measure to help them reduce the rising cost of workplace stress to their business. It is seen as a way of addressing the negative effects of modern corporate life on employees.

At The Business Mind we appreciate the importance of this. We understand the resources that can be gobbled up by a single legal action from an employee who believes their stress-related condition to stem from their work. We also understand the general erosion of productivity that results from a stressed workforce.

There is no doubt that effective corporate meditation programs, such as the ones offered by The Business Mind, are some of the best ways for businesses to defend against workplace stress and its many negative effects. Research conducted by the Harvard Business School and INSEAD concluded that the cumulative benefits of meditation positively impact the individual, and the performance of the business as a whole.

This research shows how, when a person meditates regularly, they gain a greater capacity for performance. Some of this greater capacity is naturally realized (e.g. their health will improve so they will have less sick days, they will be in a better mood etc.)

But this is not the whole story. Consistent meditation brings far more in the way of potential benefits to the meditator and their employer. TBM programs are designed to unlock this potential.

Every TBM course includes role–specific mindfulness training that helps each employee to harness the power of meditation and apply it in their area of operation.

For example, your sales team will be taught mindfulness techniques to help them prepare for a big sales call or meeting, to improve client relationships, to handle rejection more easily or turn around a bad sales run. Business leaders will be given mindfulness skills which help them to unite and engage the workforce, to creative a positive and supportive culture. Customer service teams will be taught how to leverage off their meditation experience to resolve conflict and connect with customers. When a business’s staff not only meditate, but also know how to apply
mindfulness skills to perform better in their own roles, measurable improvements to business performance quickly follow.

Get in touch at [email protected] to learn more about the technique, and how we work with businesses looking to supercharge their return on investment in corporate meditation.