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Meditation – the salesperson’s secret weapon – A Case Study

Tanya Halil – Sales Representative – Cracka Wines

TBM: How would you describe your sales performance before learning Vedic Meditation with Matt

Tanya: Not overly good! I was at the bottom of the sales board of 20-25 people at the time. Not necessarily rock bottom every day but I was generally around the bottom end of the table. Once I did Vedic Meditation, I think it was my first week – it was either my first week or second week – my sales shot up. I remember my manager at the time – he didn’t know what I’d done – he said “whatever you’re doing that’s different keep doing” because my sales had obviously improved. I went from bottom to medium. Now I’m at the top of the team.READ MORE

Beyond Wellness – the commercial benefits of corporate meditation

Many businesses view corporate meditation as a means of risk-avoidance: a preventative measure to help them reduce the rising cost of workplace stress to their business. It is seen as a way of addressing the negative effects of modern corporate life on employees.

At The Business Mind we appreciate the importance of this. We understand the resources that can be gobbled up by a single legal action from an employee who believes their stress-related condition to stem from their work. We also understand the general erosion of productivity that results from a stressed workforce.READ MORE